Craigslist Clone Script

Our craigslist clone script is designed for anyone to start their own version of craigslist. It works 90% like craigslist but loaded with additional features and functions.



It's a great pleasure to offer you our Craigslist Clone Script through which now you can easily run your classified site online in the same way as Craigslist. Currently Craigslist is very popular among people and why not? After all, it has the ability to bring $10 million profit per month! 

We have developed Craigslist Clone Script in such a reliable way that there is no doubt in it's excellence and effectiveness. It has a number of excellent features like ease of user manual, strength and various other rich features. Craigslist is divided into several different categories for example personals, real estate, erotic section, purchasing, housing, selling and many other options and using this Craigslist clone script, now you have the opportunity to run your own classified site online in these several section. You can run Craigslist Clone Script outside the box and it will take only few minutes to run your classified site. Craigslist clone script is written on PHP and as backend database we have used MySQL. We have also built SQL and ASP versions and windows users can get great advantage from these. The presence of many attractive features to this script didn't make it difficult to use. It's quite convenient for the user to apply. Craigslist clone script is a great way to make your site appealing to the clients and speed up your profile.

The simplicity of usage process and easy user interface make Craigslist clone script favorite to the people, it facilitates the opportunity to read, edit or post any classified ad on the site without any hassle. It's a great fun to work with it undoubtedly. Now it has become like a standard for clssifieds similar to the fact of itunes being the standard for music players. Craigslist will give you the full freedom to customize the appearances as well as operation flavor.


Why Our Craigslist Script?

Free Installation
Free Setup
Free Future Upgrades
Open Source
Unencrypted Source Codes
Easy To Customize
Search Engine Optimized
PHP or ASP versions
Bug-free Guarantee


Craigslist Clone Script Features

Complete Craigslist-clone classifieds website.
Loaded with Craigslist categories like buy and sell, personals, jobs, housing, etc.
Support multiple locations such as,
Quick posting and editing like Craigslist.
Activation by email and allow account creation.
Customizable, make your site look better than Craigslist.
Support thumbnails which Craigslist doesn't have.
Spam filter and detector.
Charge for posting fee. Support any 3rd party payment processors like paypal or ccbill.
Charge for featured listings.
Complete (CMS) backoffice to manage your website and listings.
Open source, come with full unencrypted source codes.
Customizable CSS, great for web designer.
Optimized SQL and PHP to support large scale classifieds website.